This is the real, classic old town of Dubai. It looks a lot like "Little India"... Indian businessmen everywhere, actually only men, a lot of nice original shops, crazy traffic and in the middle of it all you'll always have some lost tourists asking themselves where they have to go to find the Dubai they know from the postcards. Suggestion: Eat in one of the amazingly good Indian restaurants for 10 Dirhams or even less.


business quarter    mosque at the creek    hairdresser    carpet shop

creek promenade    shops and commercials    pepsi and the pharmacy    beautiful and old fashioned

mosque bur dubai        the finance ministry of your dreams: 0% tax    musalla mall

heritage village dubai    indian restaurant    nice building    air condition

computer store    house of wave    black house    optifashion house

architecture    bur dubai view    arabic housing    scenery

shot from deep down    small shop    


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