Dubai's Deira is a crowded "old" quarter on the northern, Sharjah side of the creek. Here you’ll find the famous Souks, a bunch of 3-star business hotels, thousands of busy Indian businessmen, street and traffic chaos and most importantly: the Dubai Airport. Dubai Festival City (under construction) is will add some new excitement to the area.


siesta!    deira street    twin towers deira    deira souk

buy your watch here!    next to the creek    urban living    traders at the creek

lonely street    street and wind tower    deira shopping    shoes everywhere

sheraton deira    restaurants in deira    etisalat (left) blocking the internet    have a good night in al karnak!

creek goods    dubai, city of gold    uncrowded deira street    clothes getting dry in summer?

contrasts    deira as it is    4 seasons hotel? hmmm...    chill out in deira

deira of the 21st century    deira architecture    airplane over deira    gold commercial


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