This part of Dubai Marina is really impressive. Some call it the "ugliest construction in Dubai". Their argument: The Jumeirah Beach Residence skyscrapers are being built with hardly any space in between each other. Some say it will be Dubai's lifestyle hub after completion: The Arabian Gulf with the Jumeirah Beach hotels on one side, the nicely designed Marina Walk on the other side and many restaurants, shops, pools and beach clubs in the area. Most amazing is the incredible number of construction workers onsite at present. Legendary pictures, because this flow will very soon disappear.


jumeirah beach residence    waiting worker    skyscraper connecting road    really high residences

discussion with the security    line of workers    worker in a bad mood    "NASA Multiplex" - what a company name!

future way to the beach    close to sheraton jumeirah beach    skyscrapers to the left, hotels to the right    jumeirah beach residence from far

investor arriving?    crane transport    smiling workers    still public, soon private

construction close to sheraton    buy dubai properties!    chat of experts    how about creating a theatre play?

break    jumeirah jungle residence    still a lot of work    beach in development ;-)

palms of ritz carlton    ritz carlton and jumeirah beach residence


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