"Experience the 8th World Wonder" - The Palm Jumeirah, announced in 2001, is going to be completed in parts by November 2006. Consisting of villas on the palm branches and residential flats on the trunk as well as dozens of new hotels at the "beach", this giant project will definitely gather attention from all over the world. Have a look at our exclusive helicopter pictures! !


eigth wonder of the world    palm jumeirah trunk    royal mirage jogger    the palm in 2007

villas on the palm    final stages    surrounded by the sea    still to come...

palm golden mile    sandy ground    more villas    upcoming pool

palm perspective    one palm "leaf"    paradise islands    palm trunk

palm jumeirah arms    palm arms    nearlly finished    neighbourhood palm style

palm trunk from other side    special villa    line of villas    amazing!

8th wonder of the world    lifestyle at the sea    end of palm arms    atlantis hotel under construction

villa after villa, very close    what is this?    palm bow with atlantis hotel    real sea

big construction site    villas in the background    thai resort model    palm engineering

vibrant beach    trunk or palm jumeirah   royal mirage view    explaining the structure

    palm trunk drive in    construction deep in the sea    residential flats


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